A fitness guru, chef, and dance director walk into a bar in Kankakee County. No joke. Kankakee County is one of the most unhealthy counties in the state of Illinois and that's where MTF was born. Meet the three parties that are launching health to the local hood below. 

The Chef: Chalk full of knowledge is our foul-mouthed foodie. We really don't know what he does outside of cooking or talking about cooking techniques. Alex is the man and can make (insert your least favorite food) taste good.

The Fitness Guru: This former college athlete, now a major player in the fitness industry, is an office on wheels. After a day full of meetings, he runs to coach his son's football team. 2 minute meals are essential for this stellar family man.

The Dance Director: This one's me. I will spend upwards of 16 hours in a dark theater to then emerge a vampire, needing nutrition. I am also a terrible cook. I'll make sub-par grilled chicken and broccoli. Did you just yawn? Ya me too. I started MTF for this reason.



Meal Team Fit is a health program that delivers fresh workouts and food to your doorstep each week. The meals are all pre-cooked, non-frozen dishes around 500 calories with ~30 grams of protein. Forget the 10 minute drive thru detour for another sack of salted grease. Simply heat and enjoy. New menu items are added each week, so you never get bored.

With your newly saved time, easily fit in the workout you've been skipping. Our fitness guides accommodate all fitness levels too, by offering modifications to make it easier or more difficult.

MTF is your program. Give it 3 weeks to form the habit and 6 weeks to see results.

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-Samantha McCreery