Stocking Stuffers Active People Love

A giant chocolate Santa is not always the most thoughtful gift to shove in your health conscious friend's stocking. Luckily these items graced the earth and made us all better people. Check out our Fitmas Gift Guide:

1. Biofreeze 

Biofreeze is perfect for relieving sore muscles and comes in spray form which is great for hitting those hard to reach spots. Bring on leg day!


2. Cocoa+

Instead of a giant Santa try these super cute tiny chocolate snowman. There's 10 grams of protein in each pack and they actually taste good. Try not to eat them all yourself.


3. Bluetooth Headphones

They more than likely have a pair, but guess what? They need another. Nothing ruins a good workout like forgetting your ear buds at home. Music is a NEED. Amazon has a ton of options. Prime it up.


4. FitVine

No additives, less sugar, calories, and carbs than typical wines. It's a no brainer. Wine: because life happens.


5. Hair Ties

May seem lame, but trust us. These things run away together at night and leave us searching every possible surface for another before hitting the gym. How are long haired ladies and man buns supposed to focus while hair pokes them in their eyes? Be a hero.


6. Assisted Stretch Session

This is a game changer and is available nationwide at Massage Envy. An assisted stretch session can help improve flexibility, performance, and mobility. Can you say gains?


7. MTF Gift Card

Let's be honest, active people LOVE to eat. It's fuel, ya know. Give them a gift card to Meal Team Fit. Email us at to pick your denomination. (Who would we be if we didn't plug ourselves on lucky #7?)


That's all folks! Buy a big stocking!