Our kitchen will be closed the week of Thanksgiving. Enjoy home cooking!

Meet the Head Chef

Born along the Route 66 pass in the quiet town of Wilmington, Illinois, Chef Alex Peterson was something of a restless youth. At an early age he found an outlet for this pent up energy in competitive sports where he eventually excelled in football and wrestling receiving all area and all conference honors for both, also in power lifting winning his final competition at a heavyweight division.

After high school he enrolled in the nursing program at Joliet Junior College. In need of some extra cash, a lifelong interest in food led him to take a job as a butchers apprentice at a local grocer. He took to the work naturally and it brought him a great deal of satisfaction. In a few months he had changed his major from nursing to culinary arts and landed a job as a line cook at a busy restaurant where the high heat and high speed intensity brought him the same thrills he’d once experienced on the playing field, and, as with sports he excelled, quickly distinguishing himself as a skilled craftsman and grinder in the kitchen.

He eventually graduated the Culinary Arts program with honors, and, when the opportunity to become the head Chef at Meal Team Fit came around, was extremely excited by the idea of doing work that combined his love of cooking with his lifelong passion for athletics and fitness. Chef Alex is adamant in his belief that good health and good eating are essential to what really matters: good living; and, with Meal Team Fit, he is eager to pass a taste of that living along to as many people as he can.