Rushing to make that next practice or meeting? No time to prepare a decent meal? Forget the 10 minute drive thru detour for another sack of salted grease. All our delicous MTF meals come pre-prepped and fully cooked. Simply heat and enjoy. 



What is yours worth to you? Life is busy enough without having to shop and cook. Imagine an extra hour or two a day, freed up for the things that matter most. Take the family pet for a walk. Watch a movie with the kids. Simply take more time for YOU. Let us take care of the food.



Let's get serious. No more half-hearted New Years resolutions or talk of "starting that diet next week". GOOD NUTRITION MATTERS NOW. At MTF you can always count on eating healthy, well-balanced meals, each crafted to contain around 500 calories and 30 grams of muscle building protein. Good health is 80% diet, 20% exercise. Let's reach your full 100% together. Not next year. Not next week. NOW!

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Let us take the guess work out of achieving your health and fitness goals. While all our products have nutritional information, you don't have to worry about eating something "healthy" to find out it had 1200 calories in one serving. Eat our food, follow our exercise guide, and enjoy a limitless life. That's all folks. Lace up and let's do it.

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We got the meals.

We got the team.

We got the fitness.

We just need you.